Exciting, efficient and effective content

Connecting with you directly in consultancy, Adrian can produce powerful content that engages and inspires your audience to buy. Adrian’s expertise and unique expression will create for you an impactful message which communicates the heart and soul of your service directly to your market. Various single session or package rates available.

All intellectual property remains with the client.
Unlimited revisions on all products – we edit ’til we get it.

Email Campaign

Individual or email series.

Powerful, distinctive and economical emails to communicate your product or service. An email series is a potent way to educate your prospects about your business. Engaging and dynamic content follows a formula to maximise open rates. Pre-empting questions and objections, each email will warm your market for any follow-up engagements.

Starting from $50 per 100-150 word email

Social Media Instagram post


Dynamic material to engage and grow your audience.

$10 for insta posts

Social Media Content All Platforms

Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin account management

Dynamic material to engage and grow your audience. I also offer Social Media Branding service.

$20 – 50 to 100 words
Please enquire regarding additional services


Flyer material

Entertaining and informative advertising flyer material for print runs and email campaigns.

Product launch
Go-to-market for a new service
Sales and special offers

$30 for 1 page, $50 for double-sided

Biography Creation

Creating an unforgettable bio expressing your unique expression to impact your market. I will create with you a versatile and expansive history that can be used in a multitude of formats and speak to numerous markets.

$110 for 500 words, 200 word and 100 word versions all inclusive

E-Book Series 1

Working in collaboration directly with you, I will help you create a series of E-Books to offer your audience to promote your product or service.

Tapping into your expertise, we will communicate the benefits your business offers your customer base. A wonderful tool to engage buyers through providing attention grabbing value.

Series 1:

Single 500 word E-Book

A definitive resource of your product or service with hooks to engage your market to buy.


E-Book Series 2

3 x E-Books offered as a short series to engage your market on the benefits of your product and service. Illuminating your knowledge and offering solutions to problems your market faces, we will provide value to inspire your audience to buy.

E-Book Series 3

A series of 7 E-Books engaging your market through instructional value and story-telling detailing personal experience of what makes your product and service stand out from the pack.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Your Product or Service

With a “Complete Beginner’s Guide to Your Product or Service” campaign, you are encouraging your audience to approach your subject with beginner’s mind, leaving them more open to absorbing the value and benefits of your offer.

Providing the value of your expertise in a concise and punchy intro to the wealth of your knowledge, you are making a memorable impact as an authority in your field.

Click the link for more information.


Q & A Campaign

A versatile, value-packed campaign that immerses the reader in product awareness and magnetises your audience to you.

A Q & A Campaign is an entertaining and informative marketing copy you can use on your website, social media and in email outreach. It reads like a question and answer conversation between an authority on your product or service and your target market.

It places the reader into both the shoes of the buyer and seller, creating an exciting and rare virtual experience of a radio or television advertisement inside their mind.

We will create a series of questions and answers that pre-empt the readers own thoughts resulting in a spellbinding experience which evokes excitement and urgency to buy.

Click the link to see an example of a Q & A campaign.

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