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Q & A campaign – Creating a versatile, value-packed ad campaign that demonstrates your knowledge and magnetises your audience to you.

All intellectual property remains with the client..
Unlimited revisions on all products

Q. What is a Q & A campaign?

A. It’s entertaing and informative marketing copy you can use on your website, social media and in email outreach. It reads like a question and answer conversation between you and your target market. We’ll keep it flowing and natural, sprinkling in a little humour to keep the content punchy and fresh.

Q. Oh that’s interesting. What kind of questions will be asked?

A. Think of it like a virtual interactive FAQ section. We will formulate some basic intro questions that your audience would be thinking in the initial stages of considering what you offer.

Q. That is useful. So when they read the ad, it is almost like a reflection of their inner thought process. Is that what you are trying here?

A. Absolutely correct. We want to engage, inform and entertain the audience. It’s a colourful and compelling way to demonstrate your expertise and create a connection to your audience at the same time.

Q. That’s actually pretty clever. So how do you determine the demographic you are targeting with this campaign?

A. In a 30 minute consult with you beforehand. We analyse who you want to appeal to specifically, and also get a break-down of your product, service or cause so we can formulate some powerful questions and answers for the ad.

Q. That covers pretty much everything. Where can I run the ad once you are done?

A. Wherever you want. The beauty of the Q & A campaign is that it is flexible. You can use it in social media, on your website, in email outreach. Anywhere you see fit. Once the ad is complete the intellectual property belongs to you.

Q. Fantastic! I am really liking the flow of this. Reading it to myself, it really feels like a conversation going on inside my head. Should I be concerned if I start hearing voices?

A. Only if they start telling you to do random things you aren’t comfortable with.

Q. True. Ok so what’s the damage?

A. For a 30 mins consult and up to 10 questions and answers (400-500 words), I normally charge $220. But for a short time to assist through the economic recession, I am offering this service at $110. Its exceptional value as you can use it across all your online platforms and ongoing as well.

Q. Great! How do we get started?

A. Click the link and make a time with me for the 30 minute consult right now.

Unlimited revisions on all products. We will edit til we get it.

Mode of Delivery

Via Zoom, Skype Conference, or Phone.

In the event of a Business/ Team or Group participating (more than 1) a group conference call room can be set up for mutiple people

Who is this for

-Businesses, Teams, Practicioners, & Causes

-People that have products and services looking to break into the market

-People who have been in business and are looking to Redefine or clarify that extra edge in their respective Industry

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