Strategy, Copy, Accountability and Support Sessions




Dive deeper into your Essence and take action

Adrian will work side-by-side with you in 30 minute sessions either daily or bi-weekly to implement a tailor-made system which empowers you to take your message to the world. Utilising the comprehensive data collected from the Connect Essence process, we dive deep and follow through to create a realistic step-by-step action plan to achieve results. Working closely and continuously not only creates solid structure that builds momentum to ensure you see your plan through, it also enables us to work together and adjust the course of action if necessary to the methods that guarantee the greatest success. Throughout this process, Adrian will inspire and encourage you to create masterful copy and value for your prospects, making sure you see each article through from idea to composition to connection with an audience. An exciting and tremendous opportunity to gain insights and creative inspiration from someone who’s passion and career is centered in engaging, impactful and transformational communication.

All intellectual property remains with the client.
Unlimited revisions on all products

Mode of Delivery

Via Zoom, Skype Conference, or Phone.

In the event of a Business/ Team or Group participating (more than 1) a group conference call room can be set up for mutiple people

It is recommended you have notepad, pen and paper ready to take down realisations , and learns to apply for yourself

Who is this for

-Businesses, Teams, Practicioners, & Causes

-People that have products and services looking to break into the market

-People who have been in business and are looking to Redefine or clarify that extra edge in their respective Industry

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