The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Your Product or Service.




What is beginner’s mind? An intelligent and successful friend of mine not only runs an entertainment and events company, he worked a day job as a high school teacher and had the added responsibility of mentoring students at the school as well. He is an author, a performer, a magician, and his loving wisdom shines through in all his interactions with others.

Every conversation with him is steeped in thoughtfulness and intelligence.

Yet whenever we are in conversation, he always asks me questions as if he knows nothing about the subject I’m discussing.

I didn’t really overthink this habit of his until I read the intro to one of the “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to…” series lately.

It summed it up perfectly. If we come to a subject thinking we already know about it, we block potential learning coming through.

The title “Complete Idiot’s”, or “Beginner’s Guide”, inspires the reader to do exactly that. Approach the topic as an absolute beginner.

My friend embodies this completely. He has mastered the art of emptying himself so that new knowledge can pour in. I’d reckon that is probably a huge factor of his mastery and success.

With a “Complete Beginner’s Guide to your product or service” campaign, you are encouraging your audience to approach your subject with beginner’s mind.

By providing the value of your expertise in a concise and punchy short introduction to the wealth of your knowledge, you are making a memorable impact as an authority in your field.

The “Complete…Guide” is a headline that evokes instant recognition and will automatically open your audience to what you are about to share.

Here we can offer value packed information that creates a lasting impression to someone in the market for your product or service, leading them to your online presence and creating that initial connection to a lasting relationship.

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