Humans are creatures of habit. If you are anything like me and so many of us, the arrival of covid and government enforced restrictions probably threw you off your routine.

Personally I am at my best, sharpest and most inspired when I am at my most disciplined. Commitment to a challenging routine gets me out of my comfort zone, and into my most creative and fulfilled space.

But how do you rebuild if you find yourself really off path and so much uncertainty still hovering over us?

Whether you are starting over or starting from scratch, here is a useful analogy for you to contemplate.

Consider your routine like a solid structure. Build it one block at a time.

If your routine needs a total reconditioning or you are building one from the base up, focus on one practice at a time.

If it’s getting up half-an-hour earlier, going to the gym, taking a walk or meditation, focus just on that for a week or 10 days.

Buildings that are rushed tend to fall down. But the real beauty of building a routine one brick at a time is that if a piece doesn’t fit, you can take it out and try a new one.

If you have been pressuring yourself to go running only to discover you really don’t like it, try walking instead. If you thought yoga was your thing, but it’s too passive, try a martial art.

Your routine outside of your professional, family and personal life will feed all of these areas. If you want the best out of yourself, your business and relationships – build a routine slowly and patiently.

Once you create a solid structure, it will give you the ultimate platform to follow your dreams to achieve success.

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