I dislike the word sales. And I’ve worked in and around sales and marketing for over a quarter of a century.

Selling still works sure. People sell stuff all the time. Call centres operate globally, media ads still scream in desperation at us. People still go door-to-door. High profile personal development coaches tell us they arent going to sell us anything and then spend the rest of the call pitching us.

These are facts of life. Everyone who has a service or product must reach their market.

So how do you stand out from the crowd and make an impact without standing on the metaphorical street corner like a desperate spruiker?

If there’s one pearl of wisdom I could share from my years of professional experience, its that connection is everything. Its the essence of every transaction. People buy from people they like and trust. And trust is forged through connection.

Thats why I don’t think of myself in any way a salesperson. I try to avoid at all costs being salesy. I have a very simple formula I practice which keeps me off that track.

Build a relationship

Making a genuine connection is as simple as:

Saying hello with feeling.
Asking someone “how are you” and meaning it.
Listening to hear and not just to respond. Validating and empathising with someones experience.

Sharing as opposed to shouting:

Less pitch, more anecdotes from experience.
Relate a personal connection to your product or service.
Share what your values are and how they relate to what you are offering.
Connect people to the heart of why you are engaged with your business.

Build the relationship:

Stay in touch. (And not just to make your offer again.)
Genuinely enquire and keep track of the person’s sharings.
Engage with the intention to continualy nurture the connection. People can smell a mile away when you are only in it to make the sale.

Without creating genuine rapport with your prospect, your voice will get drowned out in the chorus of your competition.

Building rapport, forming and nourishing a connection, creates a relationship. And its in relationship we have the greatest opportunity to enhance each other’s lives with genuine value. When people see value, they buy.

Creating connections built on genuine rapport is not everyone’s forte. If your business can utilise my 25 years of professional experience with over 100,000 sales calls, reach out to me now for a free consult to find out exactly how I can assist your brand impact its market.

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