In the coming months and years, just about everyone is going to have a compelling “How I survived the declaration of a global pandemic and ensuing economic shutdown” story – today’s kids included.

In retrospect, I was one of the lucky ones.

A) I have kept myself and my 8 year old son completely safe and immune strong throughout all the reports of fear and potential catastrophe here in Australia.

B) The fall-out in my business life was swift. I saw it coming. Although there was very little I could do to prevent the inevitable, this foresight empowered me into acceptance. The most powerful personal choice you can make when faced with a fall-out beyond your control.

The business I was engaged with as late as late-March was already beaten, bloodied and on the ropes. It was just not supported by the forces that be. We had already lost most of our clients’ Google My Business accounts we managed through suspension earlier that month. By the end of the quarter we had lost all our prospects and most clients stopped paying us.

I knew the owner could no longer afford to pay my weekly contract. Still, it was genuinely terrifying to live through the business you are engaged with burning to a crisp, especially as a single parent. With the uncertainty of weekly government announcements of lock-down stages plus wildly inaccurate death projections (as it has turned out) being thrown around for good measure.

These were dramatically intense times. In reality, the hype far outweighed the real life impact the virus has had so far on our lives in Australia (and dare I say it, globally). But the effect of the safety measures and economic shutdown has been much more far reaching. And will take some time to repair.

Ironically, one of the final marketing campaigns I launched with my previous contract was titled “Crisis = opportunity”. It explained how humans historically overcome whatever challenges are thrown at them. So much so that in Japanese the word for crisis has the symbol for opportunity within it. (The same culture that has a tradition of repairing ceramic objects, filling cracks with gold.)

I liked the resonance of that title. It’s short and speaks a Universal truth. One that needs to be spruiked right now. So I used it as the heading of an ad I put out for my services as a contractor.

Through that ad I met Chris Kang of Strategic Solutions Consulting. What appeared on the surface to be a job interview became a 3 hour chat. In that time we made a genuine connection beyond business. And from that connection we have created a mentoring/partnership which has enabled us both to reach greater clarity and commitment in our purpose within business.

From all this Chris has supported me to step out and forge all my skills and experience into a unique consultancy that I now offer small to medium businesses.

But that is not the moral of the story.

The lesson of this journey is that the old axiom – “necessity is the mother of all invention” – is timeless for a reason.

The crisis stripped my life of a job which now in hindsight was more of a prison than an opportunity.

The opportunity which arose became one connection, which supported me to clearly define my passions and values in life and business.

Which continues to feed more opportunities to support others to do the same. A beautiful cycle of service and support to others in a time of crisis.

The economic fall-out from the government imposed restrictions still enforced on our society will continue for some time.

How we respond to this crisis will dictate what opportunities we create for ourselves – personally and in business.

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