When I say that writing and communication is my soul’s expression – I am not talking fluff.

I wrote my first words when I was 3. My first creative story when I was 6. My first short film when I was 14. Wrote my first play which I independently produced at 26.

I spent 10 years writing and perfecting my next one, which I also produced 3 times and turned into a radio series.

I’ve written over a thousand poems and hundreds of original marketing copy articles and emails.

If there’s one thing I know something about, it’s the creative process.¬†And let me tell you – no one can teach you how to discover your own.

But I can tell you this – if you aren’t prepared to fail, you’ll never create anything original. Anyone can come along and replicate what others are doing. I mean if that’s your thing…being bland and unoriginal. Sure. Go for it.

Let me tell you my experience going down that path. From age 12, I created a portfolio of “original” writing. Film scripts, comedy sketches, short stories and ideas. I cherished these possessions as my ticket to fame and fortune. Yeah, right!

These notes, napkins, and documents filled a rather large cardboard box I carried around from house to house for about ten years. I looked at it when I settled finally and began running my independent theatre company in the early 2000’s.

Going through all the paper, I decided to throw them all away. That’s right. I burnt the whole fucking box. Every last scrap. I started over. Why? Because nothing I had written was original. It was all derivative of art I had seen and loved.

I mean everything we create is influenced by something. There is truly no such thing as a completely original idea. But my writing was immature and stereotypical. It sucked.

So I scrapped the lot. I was prepared to fail. And willing to admit it. I can guarantee you of the 1000’s of things I’ve written, the majority of them are unmemorable at best, if not plain awful.

You simply have to go through the process of failure to create the gold. It’s unavoidable. Like an old prospector sifting through dirt in his pan. That’s our creative mind. I’m sorry to break it to you. No, not every idea you have is a winner. It’s a committed process but it’s so worth it when you create something that feels good and touches other people.

There’s nothing on Earth like that feeling. I have known different forms of loving relationships. Close intimacy. The love of a child. I have moments of great connection with Mother Earth. They are all special, but there is nothing quite the same as the relationship you have with your inner muse.

When you commit to and nurture this relationship, inspiration and creativity is literally flowing through you at all times. You are divinely inspired.

When you make that connection with your own inner muse, you don’t have to worry about thinking if what you are writing is good or not. Who the target audience is.

Just let it flow through you. Get it out there. Put it out in the world and let people decide if it’s good or bad. Getting creative shouldn’t be about seeking validation.¬†Opinion is subjective and really irrelevant to the creative process.

You’ll know anyway inside you – did you feel the writing? Did it move through you? Or did you overthink it worried about approval and how many likes you might get? That kind of writing is boring. There is enough of that all over the internet, TV and cinema.

Get creative through your own unique source of inspiration. You may not always win popularity contests. But you may indeed create something lasting.

And I promise you – you will touch someone. Truly touch someone. You will share a piece of your essence that connects with someone else’s.

You will make a true connection with another human being by sharing yourself.

And the worth of that is beyond any dollar value.

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