Recently, I got a job enquiry call from a man who spent his life in sales and marketing. We exchanged hellos, then he launched straight into telling me about his professional career. This surprised me. As I believe connection is fundamental to success in personal and professional life. I just expect someone with extensive experience to have a grasp of this.

Maybe thats why he was looking for work.

Straight up I disengaged. It felt like a street market vendor coming up to me on the street and yelling at me. I just wanted to get away.

Every time I ring a customer support line, and the representative launches into “Hello, how can I help you?” I ask them how they are. I make a point of it because I am a huge advocate for the human touch.

More and more so, our world is detaching us from our essence. Consumerism, interface interconnectedness and the pursuit of heightened productivity is taking us away from simple human connection. I am passionate about bucking the trend.

I know I’m only one person. But I also know if I touch someone, connection spreads like a virus. A good one that heals our collective and brings us closer to each other.

Shooting the breeze, or small talk, is a vital exchange for human beings who aren’t familair with each other. It earns trust. And trust is essential if you want someone even vaguely interested in your product or service.

Now you don’t have to tell a person your life story. But the art of genuine enquiry is getting lost. So watch and observe someone’s energy when you ask them how they are and you mean it.

Observing the response to the question is as interesting as noting the initial resistance a person might have to making a human connection. Some people are only comfortable with surface conversation. Others may want to delve deeper. Its imperative when making a connection to learn how to read a person’s signals, and work within their comfort zones.

Likewise, the art of answering the question “How are you” is similairly a balancing act. If we are battling something in our personal life and we answer truthfully – we dont want to be a burden on others. Its a natural inclination to want to lift people’s spirits. We have to ask ourselves what is of greater service to each other? To put a positive spin to uplift someone. Or to go deeper and be candid in our response.

Sometimes our greatest inspiration may lie in hearing someone is going through a similair challenge to us.

The greatest trust can also often be earned when it is given.

Communicating your essence is an art that is constantly being refined and learned through fine tuning into the individual and the moment. One thing is certain though. People will always choose to buy from someone they have a connection with if they have that option. If our focus is on making a genuine connection, through making a genuine enquiry, the words “How are you” become not only a tool to help keep humanity in communion, but also the three most powerful words you will ever use to market yourself.

If you want to go deeper into this subject, and learn how to alchemise the essence of your product or service to reach your market, or if you want support with communicating directly to your audience, reach out to me now.

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