Its the classic old gag. Why do something today you can put off until tomorrow. Except tomorrow never comes. And yesterday’s jobs pile up. You lose momentum, opportunity, self esteem and ultimately direction when dedicated to procrastination.

Days, weeks, months roll by and the joke suddenly becomes a tragedy. If it was ever funny in the first place.

I’ve lost too much time in procrastination. Years literally can disappear.

Procrastination can be viewed as an expression of privelege and luxury. It takes for granted the resources and time we have at our disposal. No one who ever had their backs to the wall and was desperate had the liberty of avoiding what they had to do. Procrastination is ultimately an unconscious act of excess. But what is it telling us?

I used to focus excessively on procrastination as a symptom of so many things. Emotional wounds. Self worth issues. A lack of self love. Diving deep into the web of self reflection could help. But then I realised it can be used as another way to procrastinate.

It is important to still do the work of inner exploration, and especially to not beat ourselves up over it and indeed hold all aspects of ourselves lovingly. Especially the parts of ourselves that trouble us. These need our love the most. But sometimes the highest expression of love is being brutally honest with ourselves.

The time I wasted avoiding what I needed, or thought I wanted to do revealed a painful truth to me. Procrastination for me was a symptom of living a lie. It was beyond avoidance and self sabotage.

My procrastination was me trying to tell myself I was going the wrong way.

It can be excruciating to accept. We can get really invested in our plans. We may create a life out of the best intentions. We may want to serve our families and the greater good. We might really believe in the path we are trying to forge for ourselves.

But if we find ourselves stuck in an endless cycle of procrastination, its highly likely we just dont have the desire to continue doing what we are doing. It just might not be the right path for us.

You can only stay energised and focused on an expression, practice, or job for so long. If it isn’t serving the journey of your highest expression unfolding, it loses its juice eventually. You lose your focus. And eventually, you lose time.

There’s a good test to check in and see if you are in fact going down the wrong road when bogged down in procrastination.

Take a few moments to clear your thoughts and focus into your body. Empty your lungs, hold, breathe in. Hold again. Count to 5 each time. Repeat. When you are present feeling fully into your body, detached completely from your thoughts, imagine life without whatever you are avoiding. How does it make you feel? Full? Expansive? Or empty? Shrinking? Anxious and frustrated?

That’s your answer right there. Your energetic body will tell you. Learn to tune in.

If your feeling state is calm, present, and expansive imagining life without the source of your avoidance, its highly possible its not in alignment with your greater purpose.

However, you don’t need to neccessarily immediately jump ship.

The short and long term remedy may just be that you have disconnected from your essence, and lost sight of the bigger picture. Feel into the core of who you are and express from that place. The joy and inspiration you will feel from living a life connected to your essence will ensure you seldom want to avoid the task at hand.

The source of your procrastination may also simply be a matter of discipline. Laziness is not the same as avoidance.

Neccessity is a great motivator to get off your arse. There’s nothing like losing everything to motivate and inspire you to do whatever it takes.

But if you are too comfortable, and its taking the edge off your performance, start by doing small things out of your comfort zone. Get up at 5am and go for a one hour walk. Take a cold shower. Don’t turn the heater on in winter.

These little or exteme nudges sharpen the mind and generate greater intensity in our performance. In combination with small and achievable goals, and holding yourself in constant love when self sabotage comes up, you can slowly but surely reverse the habit of procrastination.

If you need someone to hold space for you while you reconnect to the essence of who you are and how what you are doing fits into the greater vision of your life’s expression, reach out to me.

I can assist you to reconnect to your inner source of inspiration and offer practical tips on how to create a practice which keeps you out of your comfort and in the zone.

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