A colleague of mine mastered the art of the soft sell to such a degree that as he shared his approach he invoked the feeling of a cotton bud dabbing on a marshmallow. And that’s exactly how we should approach selling. The word sales in itself has become a faux pas, bordering on a profanity.

We think of door-to-door desperados, overseas telemarketing sweat rooms, intrusion, pushiness, Glengarry Glen Ross “coffee is for closers”. Pop-up shopping centre bandits. A cold brutal soulless detached dehumanised assault to our sacred space and our senses. Its no wonder business owners and service providers have blocks around selling.

Network marketers have changed their axiom to social selling. Even that upgraded term feels lost in the 90’s. Really, the word sales should be stricken from the dictionary altogether. If it hasn’t already been sullied to death, it is barely breathing. In over 25 years of working in marketing, I have grown tired of telling people a good rep identifies a need, opens instead of closing, creates conversations and makes connections. Isn’t it obvious? No one cares what you know, until they know that you care. So how do you expect to build an audience by creating connections without taking the emphasis off the sale?

As our own marketers we should embody the storyteller and take our focus off selling, placing it instead on sharing. Slick and sparkly sales tactics might still work on the impressionable and vulnerable, but to make a lasting and positive impact on our society, creating a legacy through our service, surely our intention in marketing ourselves should be value focused. Who are we to be so arrogant to think we can buck the trends of Universal Law?

What you sow, you shall reap. There is no avoiding or being short changed by this inevitability. The effort and energy we put out into the world will come back to us. Usually doubled. We don’t have to behave desperately and shout at the corner for people to buy our products and services. Its really not neccessary. Softening our marketing approach should be as natural and effortless as telling our story, sharing our wealth of experience. Speaking from our essence. Making that connection.

Your truth and your story is exactly what someone needs to hear right now to demonstrate that your product or service will benefit their life. Its as simple as that.

Anything beyond this is pure convolutedness. Stand out from the over-crowd of online spruikers clambouring for people’s attention. Connect to your essence and speak softly with a voice that pierces through the noise and resonates to those that need to hear you.

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