What do you think of when you think of the word essence?

I think of energy. For me the word conjures something that transcends our physical and routine lives. But something that is intrinsic to them. The element or elements that are at the core of who we are and what we do.

Essence to me is immutable. Surface reality cannot exist without it.

When we are aligned with it, our essence infuses every aspect of us. From our thoughts, to our words and our actions, our essence influences our entire expression and interaction with the world around us.

Similarly, being disconnected from our essence creates disharmony in our relationship with ourselves and the outer world.

So what importance does essence have in business?


I think we all have experienced life, personally and in business, disconnected from the driving force of what motivates us, what inspires us to be alive and to be of service.

Which makes complete sense. Our material lives, like our society, is too often governed by profits over inner peace, productivity over connectivity, and accomplishment over intention.

And that is all good and well. The question of how they impact the world around us aside, if these are genuinely your highest values, then you are winning.

But if you continually sacrifice your highest personal and business values, or you don’t even know what they are, it might be time to reconnect with your essence.

If your personal and/or business life is showing symptoms like demotivation, lack of clarity, joylessness, irritability or depression, it’s highly likely you’ve disconnected from your essence.

Connecting with your essence will energise every area of your life. Instead of requiring constant motivation externally, you will become the source of your own inspiration. This will magnetise the right audience to you, because your message becomes clear and electrified by your purpose.

Alignment with essence in business, as in our personal life, eliminates the doubts and obstacles we create for ourselves through being driven by anything other than our deeper purpose and highest values.

If this resonates and you would like some support to reconnect with your essence, jump on a 30-45 minute “Explore Your Essence” call with me.

I will guide you through some simple, focused questions that will help remind you of the core reasons you are in business. Or discover the things that drive you to want to go into business.

Together we will create an energised mission statement you can keep with you forever to remind you what you are doing or wanting to do in business and why it is meaningful to you. Especially when your motivation is down and disconnection symptoms arise. Realigning with your essence and getting back to the simplicity of why you are in service is the key to reigniting your passion for showing up.

An “Explore Your Essence” call + energised essence mission statement is valued at $110, but for the first 10 people to contact me using the code: “RECONNECT”, I will give you my time and expertise absolutely free.

Much love and inspiration to you

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